My Girl Riggs – Shoreditch

On the 9 and 10 of January, I was given an amazing opportunity to paint as part of Female Street Artist’s project on Blackall Street, organised with support from Femme Fierce and Global Street Art.

This was painted as a tribute to a friend for her birthday. I’ve recently been inspired by the work of Roy Lichtenstein and I have been experimenting with pop art themes in my character work. While she isn’t classically pop-art she has a little hint of Lichtenstein!

She is my first work in Shoreditch, and I was so excited to paint there for the first time. As an emerging artist who is still learning her craft, I want to paint as many places as possible using as many different techniques. I think its really important to learn from other artists, as well as finding your own way, and I’m really grateful to the femme fierce girls for all of the support they give me.

I painted this one with a mixture of spray and brushes. I’ve included some progress pics taken by the brilliant London Calling Blog and Inspiring City, (thank you!) so that you can see some of the technique.


Outlines taking place  [ (C) London Calling Blog]


After the first day – had the outlines down in black


Working into the night on day one. [(C) Inspiring City ]


The ribbon details [(C) London Calling Blog]


One of me painting on day two [(C) London Calling Blog]


Detail shot of the finished piece


Context shot of the wall on Blackall Street

P1130267Final piece close up – Spray paint and acrylic painted with brush.